Take a Chance...

The People v. Lord Barrister
Salleek on Prosecution

Lord Barrister has a nasty habit of taking whatever he wants without regard for who is hurt along the way. This includes spending the Kingdom’s taxes on frivolous baubles and blackmailing peasants into indentured servitude. Young Salleek saw this happening and wished there was something she could do… When Lord Barrister sent his workers into her forest for lumber and game, she could hold back no longer.

She gathered every forest creature she could find and confronted the lumberjacks. They were all just peasants and none of them wanted any trouble. There were two mechanical wood choppers and all of the peasants weren’t even given axes. They were just expected to haul. They told her that many of them COULD fight, but Lord Barrister had captured all the local blacksmiths and confiscated their weapons so they couldn’t fight back. A shaman and a sorcerer were executed as examples against magic too.

Salleek was astounded that one man could be so horrible to his fellows, and his prejudice against magic users was based in stupidity and fear. Step one would be to arm the peasants so they could help in the fight. Step two would be to take out his guard. Step three would be to free anyone held in the compound. Step four was to make sure Lord Barrister couldn’t do anything like this again.

She led the charge up to the rear of the estate. They broke in through the windows and doors, and they raided the guards quarters and the storeroom. Salleek held the guards in check with magical attacks as the peasants freed their kin. Two steps done, but she didn’t want to kill the guards if it could be helped… “You don’t have to take orders from this evil man! We can be rid of him tonight, and everyone would be free!” One of the guards was advancing on her steadily. As he lunged at her, she struck with her talons. Instead of flesh though, her claws found metal. All at once, the guard converged and pounced on her.

“A while ago I realized that every person just seeks their own best interests,” Lord Barrister said swaggering into the room. “In order to protect my own interests, I would have to cut out other people. So, I applaud you for fighting for whatever petty thing you found so important today, but I will have my way in the end. Now, let’s get her to the dunge—” Salleek hurled a ball of acid right at Barrister’s face. The broach on his chest glowed blue and a sparkling shield appeared to catch the acid. The gem on the broach cracks and turns black. “Gag her! Oh, foul creature! That charm was expensive and it’s been wasted on a weakling! I will take great pleasure removing another undeserving mage from the world.”
Bound and gagged, Salleek was carried down to the dungeon by the warforged soldiers. These men made of metal made no sense. Don’t they have souls? Can’t they see that they’re hurting innocents at the order of an evil evil man? They shackled her to the walls, and then silence fell. The dungeon seemed empty otherwise, so the liberated lumberjacks must have succeeded. When Barrister found out, he ordered her talons filed, and he wings broken. He was going to kill her… Slowly. Suddenly, the doors burst open, and the newly armed men and women stormed back in. They wouldn’t have their freedom if it weren’t for this harpy. They smashed bots left and right as Barrister ran for cover. The carried Salleek out, and nursed her back to health. She became a hero in the eyes of the community, and they declared a day of celebration in her honor. Barrister slunk back into the shadows scheming to regain his power hold, but this day the meek had conquered evil. Salleek not longer felt like an outcast of civilization. She realized that helping people discover their own strength and fighting the evil forces in the world was hard work… But totally worth it.

Cryptic Intentions...
Waking the dead

Chance seems to have been after the shiny box all along. He Mage Handed it away and tried to lead the escape, but he triggered a trap and got sucked into a wall. Akmenos also fell into a trap and slid down a chute. Nazrim held the line and protected his friends from the skeletons. Salleek and Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook stood back and hurled magic attacks. One of the skeletons stealthily started sneaking around the outside passage to get the jump on the spellcasters.
p. On the other side of the wall, Carric Caldavore and Sal-Ti Thot were locked into a tomb with many treasures and works of art. They heard a sudden clamor behind the wall and decided to break it down. Carric Caldavore turned into a giant goat and rammed the wall… But did more damage to his horns than the wall. Sal-Ti Thot used their control over the elements to push a stone block through the wall to find a bunch of skeletons and a rainbow dragon.
p. Some of the skeletons fired arrows, but Nazrim blocked many of them and Sal-Ti Thot caught one from the air. The stealthy one went to chop at Salleek, but hit his sword against the ceiling and gave himself away. Salleek ignored the attack and continued to lob acid blobs at the archers. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook tried to take some of the valuable looking cat statuettes in the reliquary chamber, but managed to knock over the whole lot of them leaving a mess of rubble and ash.
p. An undead woman in the corner awoke from all the noise, but didn’t seem hostile. Carric Caldavore, knowing his family history, thought that running would be their best bet. He cast Entangle to keep her in place and made a run for the hole. Sal-Ti Thot tried to fight the lich, but was caught in the vines and thrown aside like a rag doll. The lich pulled the vines up around herself and became a tangled mass of rage. She charged after Carric Caldavore and told him to stop fighting if he wanted to live.
p. The skeleton “attacking” Salleek swung again, but this time dropped the sword halfway through the swing! He looked at where the sword should have been and his jaw dropped… Off. Salleek pocketed it and dismissed him again. Though these bones were completely dry, this skeleton managed to well up a single tear and threw himself down the trapdoor in embarrassment.
p. The fighting drew to a close, and the lich needed a favor. Nazrim revived Sal-Ti Thot. Madame Undead introduced herself as the matriarch of House Caldavore, . Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook began nervously rambling and just being generallly annoying, so a quick cast of Command – Grovel had her quiet on the floor. was in the mood for a change of scenery. She’s grown bored and wants to see the world again. For starters she wants a new phylactery. She tells the crew that if they bring her a massive gemstone to enchant, she will not kill their captured friends. She needs minions that can go into town without causing a panic…

The Rat Pack
When good druids go bad...

Our heroes, picking up where they left off, started a fight with a wererat in the sewer. The rat man, Selmik, called in his ratty minions to do his dirty work. They rushed in from the side tunnels and the floor. Selmik crawled into a trap door and used some hide and stab tactics. Salleek was still surrounded by a mysterious arcane music that seemed to enchant the rats when they got close. Salleek and Nazrim ended up with toxic bites that infected them with Filth Fever. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook hid behind Nazrim for most of the fight and stayed safe. Akmenos thought they had hid themself well, but no one was fooled. There was a bit of stabbing, and then they plopped down on a trap door to keep it shut. Chance showed up with a couple of the trapped shovelers. Whacking the rats seemed to be the wrong solution because they just kept coming. Chance dropped a fireball into the tunnels and flushed out Selmik who jumped right into the calming song of Salleek.

Selmik calmed down enough to make a deal with the adventurers and the priestesses. He will stop attacking people if they keep him and the rats well fed. He is also available for certain… Dirty jobs. Everyone regrouped in the temple to celebrate the gathering of the artisans, but they were interrupted by a scream from the back alley! Borgo had been murder and further branded! “YOUR NEXT!” was carved into his belly. Akmenos immediately carved an apostrophe and an “E” to amend the grammatical error. The City Guard showed up and took a report. Sunrise had Selmik dispose of the body.

The crew decided to explore the ruins to the West that the stonemason had been excavating. On the way out of town, the encountered a brawl over piracy charges on the docks. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook chased down and confirmed the involvement of the Red Dagger thieves’ guild, the same gang that the squatter belonged to and most likely the killers of Borgo. The City Guard also offered them a job fighting back the sharkmen that assault the docks at night. They refused and made their way out of town.

The ruins turned out to be burial grounds and a subterranean temple belonging to a druidic clan that turned to the dark arts, “The Caldavores.” After examining the stone artwork, they discovered a knot hole in the tree trunk that was actually a key hole for the stone “artifact” that Nazrim bought from the stonemason. They delved into the crypt and somehow triggered some undead shenanigans! The also watered a tree statue and it gave back blood, and then politely slithered out of the way revealing a reliquary… But also removed the barrier between the party and the skeletons!

Zoom in on a tavern...
Toast with a side of yelling fat man.

Our heroes awaken in The Gentle Moon Inn. Akmenos was confronted by a charming Tiefling named Chance. Then the group witnessed an argument between Sunrise and Borgo. There’s a squatter in the building that he sold them, and he refuses to aid in his removal. Salleek comforted the Priestess while Akmenos sneaked ahead for no apparent reason… Everyone else arrived and met Midnight and Twilight. The crew decided to “handle” the squatter problem, and Akmenos sneaked ahead once again for no reason.

They arrived to find a Halfling and some drakes. Akmenos was rather unstealthy and got scooped up an carried into the temple to find Chance with some helpful advice. Salleek flew in through the “skylight” hole in the ceiling. Nazrim failed to climb up the lattice and then failed to break down the door. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook managed the climb, but was attacked by the squatter lying in wait. The Halfling locked them in the office and found a better hiding spot. A bit of evil magic was used to make a circle of power on the floor… But Chance fixed it. The fight was pretty standard until Nazrim unleashed a torrent of Rainbow Death Breath that completely melted the Halfling, the door, and most of the office. Akmenos claimed the Goblin Totem Dagger and Twilight mourned the literary losses.

Once the temple was empty again (the drakes lived and are permanent residents), the sisters began making preparations for the temple’s consecration ceremony and remaining on the grounds for 24 hours for the claim to be legally binding. They then recruited the team to find city craftsmen to revamp the temple. A carpenter, plumber, glazier, and stonemason would be needed.

They helped the carpenter stabilize his scaffolding… Before the whole building came down. Nazrim messed up a business deal and had to buy an artifact out of pocket, but that freed up the Stonemason. Salleek and Akmenos told the children of the orphanage the story of The Glass Rabbit, but they were more impressed by the Harpy’s wings. The glazier was then available for hire. Lastly, the plumber was tied up with a worker revolt, so our questing quartet dove in head first to clear the sewers. There was an ooze and many many rats. Nazrim couldn’t stay upright in the sludge, but Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook revealed their skills as a master of balance in the sludge.

After the fight, singing could be heard down the tunnels. The crew followed it to the source… A crazed sewer person who can seemingly control the rats with song. He tells them, “Turn away now and there will be no trouble. Come any closer and DIE!”

Creation Day!
The story begins...

Our heroes… Well, they began existing and embarked on their journey together… Sort of.


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