Take a Chance...

Zoom in on a tavern...

Toast with a side of yelling fat man.

Our heroes awaken in The Gentle Moon Inn. Akmenos was confronted by a charming Tiefling named Chance. Then the group witnessed an argument between Sunrise and Borgo. There’s a squatter in the building that he sold them, and he refuses to aid in his removal. Salleek comforted the Priestess while Akmenos sneaked ahead for no apparent reason… Everyone else arrived and met Midnight and Twilight. The crew decided to “handle” the squatter problem, and Akmenos sneaked ahead once again for no reason.

They arrived to find a Halfling and some drakes. Akmenos was rather unstealthy and got scooped up an carried into the temple to find Chance with some helpful advice. Salleek flew in through the “skylight” hole in the ceiling. Nazrim failed to climb up the lattice and then failed to break down the door. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook managed the climb, but was attacked by the squatter lying in wait. The Halfling locked them in the office and found a better hiding spot. A bit of evil magic was used to make a circle of power on the floor… But Chance fixed it. The fight was pretty standard until Nazrim unleashed a torrent of Rainbow Death Breath that completely melted the Halfling, the door, and most of the office. Akmenos claimed the Goblin Totem Dagger and Twilight mourned the literary losses.

Once the temple was empty again (the drakes lived and are permanent residents), the sisters began making preparations for the temple’s consecration ceremony and remaining on the grounds for 24 hours for the claim to be legally binding. They then recruited the team to find city craftsmen to revamp the temple. A carpenter, plumber, glazier, and stonemason would be needed.

They helped the carpenter stabilize his scaffolding… Before the whole building came down. Nazrim messed up a business deal and had to buy an artifact out of pocket, but that freed up the Stonemason. Salleek and Akmenos told the children of the orphanage the story of The Glass Rabbit, but they were more impressed by the Harpy’s wings. The glazier was then available for hire. Lastly, the plumber was tied up with a worker revolt, so our questing quartet dove in head first to clear the sewers. There was an ooze and many many rats. Nazrim couldn’t stay upright in the sludge, but Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook revealed their skills as a master of balance in the sludge.

After the fight, singing could be heard down the tunnels. The crew followed it to the source… A crazed sewer person who can seemingly control the rats with song. He tells them, “Turn away now and there will be no trouble. Come any closer and DIE!”


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