Take a Chance...

The Rat Pack

When good druids go bad...

Our heroes, picking up where they left off, started a fight with a wererat in the sewer. The rat man, Selmik, called in his ratty minions to do his dirty work. They rushed in from the side tunnels and the floor. Selmik crawled into a trap door and used some hide and stab tactics. Salleek was still surrounded by a mysterious arcane music that seemed to enchant the rats when they got close. Salleek and Nazrim ended up with toxic bites that infected them with Filth Fever. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook hid behind Nazrim for most of the fight and stayed safe. Akmenos thought they had hid themself well, but no one was fooled. There was a bit of stabbing, and then they plopped down on a trap door to keep it shut. Chance showed up with a couple of the trapped shovelers. Whacking the rats seemed to be the wrong solution because they just kept coming. Chance dropped a fireball into the tunnels and flushed out Selmik who jumped right into the calming song of Salleek.

Selmik calmed down enough to make a deal with the adventurers and the priestesses. He will stop attacking people if they keep him and the rats well fed. He is also available for certain… Dirty jobs. Everyone regrouped in the temple to celebrate the gathering of the artisans, but they were interrupted by a scream from the back alley! Borgo had been murder and further branded! “YOUR NEXT!” was carved into his belly. Akmenos immediately carved an apostrophe and an “E” to amend the grammatical error. The City Guard showed up and took a report. Sunrise had Selmik dispose of the body.

The crew decided to explore the ruins to the West that the stonemason had been excavating. On the way out of town, the encountered a brawl over piracy charges on the docks. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook chased down and confirmed the involvement of the Red Dagger thieves’ guild, the same gang that the squatter belonged to and most likely the killers of Borgo. The City Guard also offered them a job fighting back the sharkmen that assault the docks at night. They refused and made their way out of town.

The ruins turned out to be burial grounds and a subterranean temple belonging to a druidic clan that turned to the dark arts, “The Caldavores.” After examining the stone artwork, they discovered a knot hole in the tree trunk that was actually a key hole for the stone “artifact” that Nazrim bought from the stonemason. They delved into the crypt and somehow triggered some undead shenanigans! The also watered a tree statue and it gave back blood, and then politely slithered out of the way revealing a reliquary… But also removed the barrier between the party and the skeletons!


JayteeStarr JayteeStarr

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