Take a Chance...

Cryptic Intentions...

Waking the dead

Chance seems to have been after the shiny box all along. He Mage Handed it away and tried to lead the escape, but he triggered a trap and got sucked into a wall. Akmenos also fell into a trap and slid down a chute. Nazrim held the line and protected his friends from the skeletons. Salleek and Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook stood back and hurled magic attacks. One of the skeletons stealthily started sneaking around the outside passage to get the jump on the spellcasters.
p. On the other side of the wall, Carric Caldavore and Sal-Ti Thot were locked into a tomb with many treasures and works of art. They heard a sudden clamor behind the wall and decided to break it down. Carric Caldavore turned into a giant goat and rammed the wall… But did more damage to his horns than the wall. Sal-Ti Thot used their control over the elements to push a stone block through the wall to find a bunch of skeletons and a rainbow dragon.
p. Some of the skeletons fired arrows, but Nazrim blocked many of them and Sal-Ti Thot caught one from the air. The stealthy one went to chop at Salleek, but hit his sword against the ceiling and gave himself away. Salleek ignored the attack and continued to lob acid blobs at the archers. Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook tried to take some of the valuable looking cat statuettes in the reliquary chamber, but managed to knock over the whole lot of them leaving a mess of rubble and ash.
p. An undead woman in the corner awoke from all the noise, but didn’t seem hostile. Carric Caldavore, knowing his family history, thought that running would be their best bet. He cast Entangle to keep her in place and made a run for the hole. Sal-Ti Thot tried to fight the lich, but was caught in the vines and thrown aside like a rag doll. The lich pulled the vines up around herself and became a tangled mass of rage. She charged after Carric Caldavore and told him to stop fighting if he wanted to live.
p. The skeleton “attacking” Salleek swung again, but this time dropped the sword halfway through the swing! He looked at where the sword should have been and his jaw dropped… Off. Salleek pocketed it and dismissed him again. Though these bones were completely dry, this skeleton managed to well up a single tear and threw himself down the trapdoor in embarrassment.
p. The fighting drew to a close, and the lich needed a favor. Nazrim revived Sal-Ti Thot. Madame Undead introduced herself as the matriarch of House Caldavore, . Wrrrip Sticklefitz Fpook began nervously rambling and just being generallly annoying, so a quick cast of Command – Grovel had her quiet on the floor. was in the mood for a change of scenery. She’s grown bored and wants to see the world again. For starters she wants a new phylactery. She tells the crew that if they bring her a massive gemstone to enchant, she will not kill their captured friends. She needs minions that can go into town without causing a panic…


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